Entry fee: $25 per person

1st Place - $160
2nd Place - $80
3rd Place - $40
4th Place - $20

Top Score Payout Each Week (10 Regular Season Weeks)
   $5 - Top Score Within Division
   $10 - Top Score Overall

Lineup Rules:
You must start the following:
1 Quarterback
2 Running backs
2 Receivers
1 Kicker
2 Defensive Teams
2 Teams To Win

Each week you must choose a roster consisting of any Big Ten Players you want. However, you can only take 1 ENTITY per big ten team. An entity is any position, teams to win, and defense. So, if you take Michigan's Defense, you can't take any players from Michigan, nor could you take Michigan to Win. This should make the teams more diverse, create more interest in all Big Ten games, and make strategy even more important. *Only in rare weeks when there are only 9 Big Ten teams playing, you may choose two entities from one team of your choice. Likewise with only 8 teams playing, you may choose two entities from two teams of your choice but not three from one team. If you pick 2 entities from the same team during the same week on a normal week, you will get 0 points for the highest scoring position. If 1 of those is a defense, you will be assigned the points for the worst big ten defense for that week.

*You CANNOT pick the same player, team to win, or team defense 2 weeks in a row. For instance, you cannot pick the Michigan Defense 2 straight weeks, nor could you pick Anthony Davis 2 straight weeks. You cannot start entities like davis two weeks in a row. If you do, that player will get 0 points for the week if its an individual or team to win. If you pick the same Defense 2 weeks in a row, you will get the number of points of the worse Big Ten defense for the week.

Rosters must be submitted via this site on the Set Lineups page. You must have your roster turned in by the start of the first game of the week. Matt is going to handle the rosters and will post them along with the standings, schedule, records, and more. Once Matt posts the rosters for the week, you cannot change your lineup. This will keep people from seeing their opponents lineups and changing theirs accordingly. If you don't turn a roster in, you will receive 0 points. If the submit lineups page doesnt work, you can email me one to

Scoring: (taken from
All players (QB, RB, WR, and K):
1 point for each 25 yards PASSING
5 points for ANY TD (passing, running, receiving, returning, etc)
-3 points for each Interception
1 points for each 10 yards RUSHING (can also lose points for negative yards rushing)
2 points for any 2 point conversion (passing , rushing, or receiving)
1 point for each 15 Yards RECEIVING
1 point for each reception
2 points for each PAT
4 points for each field goal 1-39 yds
5 points for each field goal 40-49 yds
6 points for each field goal 50+ yds
Choose 2 teams to win:
15 Points for a victory by your team. 0 Points for a loss.
Choose 2 Defensive teams
Points allowed by your chosen defense each week is subtracted from your total score.

Tiebreakers for division championship and playoff seeds in each division
1) Head to Head
2) Total points scored in regular season
3) Best record the last 5 games
Tiebreaker for individual games and weekly high scorer
1) Split the Cash evenly

The top 3 teams from each division by record will advance to the playoffs. The last spot from each division will be given to the team with the highest point total of the remaining teams. There will be a total of 8 teams. Playoffs will consist of the last three weeks of the Big Ten Season.

Bowl Games
The Bowl Game Challange is for another $5 entry fee and goes to the player with the highest point total using players from bowl participating teams.

Any comments, questions, or concerns please email to Matt at