Past Champions
2017The Scrappy one (Josh Edgin)Rix Pix (Rick Smith)
2016Albino Pigeons (Mike Pipho)Kinnick-n-ur-azz (Chad Tierney)
2015The Scrappy One (Josh Edgin)McNuttin but a G Thang (Andrew Smith)
2014Rix 6 (Mikel Johnson)The Good Like (Kevin Hejtmanek)
2013Rix Pix (Rick Smith)The Good Like (Kevin Hejtmanek)
2012Albino Rhinos (Matthew Pipho)Matador (Matthew Smith)
2011Hawkaholic (Chris Krueger)Rix Pix (Rick Smith)
2010Albino Rhinos (Matthew Pipho)Rocky Top (Casey Tierney)
2009Albino Pigeons (Mike Pipho)Not Good (Adam Palmer)
2008King Kappa (Luke Buhrow)Not Good (Adam Palmer)
2007Rix Pix (Rick Smith)Moving to Columbus (Dusty Daufeldt)
2006Albino Rhinos (Matthew Pipho)Team Chris (Chris Gehling)
2005One Legged Ass Lickers (Chad Krueger)The Scrappy One (Josh Edgin)

Record Book
Most Points Scored, Game2005Josh Edgin (Week 1)159
Lowest Points Scored, Game2007Shanon Phillips (Week 9)-15
Largest Margin of Victory, Game2012Rick Smith (Week 3)106
Most Points Scored, Season2014The Scrappy One1240
Highest Average Game Score, Season2014The Scrappy One113.3
Lowest Points Scored, Season2009Chad Krueger76
Lowest Average Game Score, Season2009Chad Krueger8.4
Highest Winning Percentage, Season2008Luke Buhrow1.00
Most Wins, Season2008Luke Buhrow12
Lowest Winning Percentage, Season2009Chad Krueger0.000
Least Wins, Season2006Chad Krueger0
Most High Week Scores, Season2015Rick Smith5
Average Point Differential (+), Season2006Josh Edgin43.1
Average Point Differential (-), Season2008Terrance Norman-49
Longest Winning Streak, Season2008Luke Buhrow12
Longest Losing Streak, Season2006Chad Krueger9
Most Points Scored, Career2005-17Josh Edgin10989
Highest Winning Percentage, Career2007-17Rick Smith.720 (90-35-2)
Highest Points Per Game, Career2007-17Rick Smith82.3
Most Wins, Career2007-17Rick Smith90
Most Championships, Career2005-16Matt Pipho3

Career Standings

Name Seasons W L T PF PPG WIN% HW
Rick Smith11903521045582.30.72018
Mike Pipho1071400863977.80.64018
Matt Pipho13835621069875.90.59716
Kevin Hejtmanek637270475374.30.5788
Josh Edgin13795931098977.90.57218
Andrew Smith1164481872077.20.57116
Casey Tierney949410614868.30.5448
Matt Smith1056481805076.70.53812
Luke Buhrow1368613927670.30.52711
Dan Long422201283365.90.5241
Mikel Johnson843420610371.80.5069
Chris Krueger1364633943172.50.50412
Chad Tierney1251664850370.30.43612
Troy Delagardelle1355721843465.90.43310
James Kohlbacher521282327064.10.4291
Bret Adams934512584167.10.4006
Michael Gore146069769.70.4000
Tom Finnegan1347742747960.80.38812
Chad Krueger1347762682154.60.3825
Danny Adams825540437955.40.3164