Past Champions
2016Albino Pigeons (Mike Pipho)Kinnick-n-ur-azz (Chad Tierney)
2015The Scrappy One (Josh Edgin)McNuttin but a G Thang (Andrew Smith)
2014Rix 6 (Mikel Johnson)The Good Like (Kevin Hejtmanek)
2013Rix Pix (Rick Smith)The Good Like (Kevin Hejtmanek)
2012Albino Rhinos (Matthew Pipho)Matador (Matthew Smith)
2011Hawkaholic (Chris Krueger)Rix Pix (Rick Smith)
2010Albino Rhinos (Matthew Pipho)Rocky Top (Casey Tierney)
2009Albino Pigeons (Mike Pipho)Not Good (Adam Palmer)
2008King Kappa (Luke Buhrow)Not Good (Adam Palmer)
2007Rix Pix (Rick Smith)Moving to Columbus (Dusty Daufeldt)
2006Albino Rhinos (Matthew Pipho)Team Chris (Chris Gehling)
2005One Legged Ass Lickers (Chad Krueger)The Scrappy One (Josh Edgin)

Record Book
Most Points Scored, Game2005Josh Edgin (Week 1)159
Lowest Points Scored, Game2007Shanon Phillips (Week 9)-15
Largest Margin of Victory, Game2012Rick Smith (Week 3)106
Most Points Scored, Season2014The Scrappy One1240
Highest Average Game Score, Season2014The Scrappy One113.3
Lowest Points Scored, Season2009Chad Krueger76
Lowest Average Game Score, Season2009Chad Krueger8.4
Highest Winning Percentage, Season2008Luke Buhrow1.00
Most Wins, Season2008Luke Buhrow12
Lowest Winning Percentage, Season2009Chad Krueger0.000
Least Wins, Season2006Chad Krueger0
Most High Week Scores, Season2015Rick Smith5
Average Point Differential (+), Season2006Josh Edgin43.1
Average Point Differential (-), Season2008Terrance Norman-49
Longest Winning Streak, Season2008Luke Buhrow12
Longest Losing Streak, Season2006Chad Krueger9
Most Points Scored, Career2005-16Josh Edgin9935
Highest Winning Percentage, Career2007-16Rick Smith.726 (82-31-2)
Highest Points Per Game, Career2007-16Rick Smith82.9
Most Wins, Career2007-16Rick Smith82
Most Championships, Career2005-16Matt Pipho3

Career Standings

Rick Smith82312953582.90.72617
Mike Pipho63360771077.90.63617
Matt Pipho77512988976.10.60215
Kevin Hejtmanek31230402174.50.5747
Dan Long18141223267.60.5631
Casey Tierney44360548468.60.558
Matt Smith51421712475.80.54812
Josh Edgin695739935770.54815
Luke Buhrow64543840769.50.54211
Andrew Smith544617680760.5412
Chris Krueger605738764730.51311
Mikel Johnson36380516869.80.4865
James Kohlbacher19211262864.10.4750
Troy Delagardelle52651769665.20.44410
Chad Tierney42563718271.10.42912
Bret Adams31442513366.70.4136
Todd Kane28412425659.90.4068
Tom Finnegan42692685560.70.37811
Chad Krueger42712615353.50.3723
Danny Adams24450390756.60.3484